Pages by Helyx

You’ve probably tried a whole slew of page builders
  • Yola
  • WiX 
  • Tilda
  • Squarespace
We offer a simple, fast-evolving builder that you will enjoy using.
Use conversion tools like

  • quizzes
  • funnels
  • pop-ups
  • and more

Own a full conversion suite to capture more leads and stay profitable.

Responsive Websites

Your landing page automatically adjusts to fit every screen resolution e.g Responsive.

Customize existing designs to create projects in just a few minutes. Once you’ve got a winning campaign, it's easy to do it all over again in just a few clicks.

Unique Section Builder

Combine sections together to create your unique landing page.

Great Performance

Our system is lightweight and fast. All pages are served at top speed. Almost every page loads within 1 sec. This creates instant satisfaction and great impression along with a better chance of higher search engine ranking of your web site.

Lead Converting Designs

We make designs that are conversion-driven. Each landing page is optimized and tested for your target audience.

Helyx Pages come in three one year commitment tiers:
$14 / mo - do it yourself.
$90 / mo - we do it for you - limited support: 2 instances per month.
$120/ mo - we do it for you and provide premium email and phone support with short response time.

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